Oh Byron, I love you

Byron Bay. A coastal town in the southern part of New South Wales known for its beautiful beaches, its relaxing vibe and Chris Hemsworth. A search for #ByronBay on Instagram filles your feed with gorgeous murfers (mum-surfers) wearing organic linen and eating acai bowls while their young kids dressed in all white is sipping a babycchino. The slow and simple way of living we are all dreaming about.

For an aspiring Instagram Influencer like myself it is easy to compare Byron Bay to heaven. So I did what everyone would do and decided to move to Byron. For a weekend. In a tent.

I’d like to say that 3 days in Byron spiritually changed me and that I am more connected to my inner self than ever before, but this would be a lie. I did however pick up a few new things during my stay:

  • Every time I wear white I spill coffee or nutella on myself.
  • Byron Bay is expensive. Even when you camp. We payed $100 for two nights.
  • It is impossible to find free parking.
  • Trattoria Basilico makes the best Gnocci in probably the world (Minus Italy for obivious reasons).
  • Chris wasn’t even there.

But more importantly Byron Bay is absolutely beautiful and I do understand why everyone is obsessed with it. White beaches as far as the eye can see, gorgeous coastal walking paths and so much wildlife! We spotted numerious whales, dolphines and puppies and I am already dreaming about going back for another chill weekend. 

Oh Byron, I love you

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