2019 Bucket List

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I promised another post within a week. In my defence, 2018 was crazy! I travelled to Norway for skiing and family. I started my “grown-up” job as a Civil Engineer (Yuhu!) and I graduated from university. I gained 10 kg (Not so much Yuhu). I travelled to Melbourne and Great Ocean Rd, did a road trip to Tropical North Queensland with my little sisters (3 sisters, 1 friend, 1 boyfriend and a Subaru Outback filled with camping equipment driving 3,500 km were quite interesting). I did numerous camping trips around South East Queensland and got surprised every time my pollen allergies were acting up (who would have thought sleeping on grass is bad for hay fever?). I twisted my ankle playing soccer. Then I tried to out-run my boyfriend down a mountain and twisted the other ankle. I started Yoga, realized that I hate Yoga, so I quit Yoga. And then I tricked my very drunk boyfriend into signing a contract saying we will get a puppy in 2019 (My lawyer friend says it’s legal and binding).

2019 bucketlist

I have so many amazing memories from 2018, but with 2019 well and truly begun, I have a feeling this year is going to be even better! As I’m no longer studying I might even leave the tent at home and live the luxury life of Airbnb (The $50 a night sort of place, you know).

This year will mainly consist of weekend and day-trips as my better half is still studying and I’m working full time. Luckily, there is so much to see and do around Brisbane that I doubt I will ever get through it all. Which brings me to:

My 2019 bucket list

  • Visit Stradbroke Island
  • 4WD around Bribie Island
  • Hike Mt Maroon and stay at Mt Barney Lodge
  • Buy a paddleboard and get really good at it (I will also settle for average)
  • Learn to surf (This one’s been on my list for 4 years now…)
  • Explore Kondalilla National Park
  • Sip cocktails with my girlfriends   Fuime Bar just opened and it’s our new favourite!
  • Spend a weekend sipping wine in the hot-tub at Girraween Environmental Lodge
  • Do a Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay (Just kidding, I hate Yoga. I’ll be sitting on the beach with a bottle of wine)
  • Go for a dip in Tallebudgera Creek
  • Explore Fraser Island (preferable by a sailboat)
  • Swim in Boloumba Creek Falls
  • Hunt for treasures at Eumundi Market
  • Catch the sunrise from Mt Coolum
  • Get a puppy and take it for a walk along Sunshine Beach
  • Have a champagne picnic with my girls (This is like a picnic out of my dreams)
  • Celebrate Christmas in Norway surrounded by family. TICKETS ARE BOOKED!!

Any suggestions to what else I could put on my bucket list? After all, there are 52 weekends in a year…