How to defeat jet lag

When it comes to how to adjust to new time zones, I am defiantly not the one to ask for advice. No one suffers from jet lag like I do. You might have heard that it takes approximately one day to adjust for each time zone you travel through? That’s 9 days of suffering between Oslo and Brisbane. If you’re one of those lucky ones that does not get jet lagged at all, jet lag feels like waking up after a wild weekend in the Valley. If you’re one of those who doesn’t get hungover either, just stop reading, I don’t need your kind of negativity in my life

Instead of being the normal jet lagged me, lying in bed crying and eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I started googling how to get rid of it (Who am I kidding, I googled while lying in bed eating chocolate).

This is the list I stole put together from various sources out there


  1. Leave home well rested. Get a good night sleep before your journey starts. Long distance flying is exhausting enough as it is, and you’re not doing yourself a favor holding back on sleep to ensure you’re more tired on the plane.
  2. Change up your habits. If your body is used to going to sleep or eating at certain times a day, chances are you will suffer worse from jet lag. Try changing up your pattern a few days before you’re due to leave. Preferable change it so it’s closer to what you’d expect at your destination.
  3. West is best, east is a beast. Therefore, always travel east.
  4. Avoid arriving at night. This way you have daylight and it’s easier to spend the day exploring before you go to bed early night. Although if you’re flying on a budget you usually don’t have much of an option here and like me just have to arrive whenever it suits the wallet. When flying between Norway and Australia I often prefer to arrive at night anyway, I’m usually exhausted and just wanna sleep.
  5. Get a good seat. Window seats let you lean again the wall. Aisle seats and you can stretch your legs. Or even better, business or first class (I wouldn’t actually know, as I never tried it…). The app SeatGuru let you access your flights seating plan, so that you can ensure you get the seat that suits you best, and help you avoid that much feared middle seat. I still have nightmares after my Stockholm – Dubai flight in 2013 where I got seated between two snoring over-averaged-sized men. The snoring was not the worst part.
  6. Stay away from sugar, alcohol and coffee. Yeah, this one is a little unclear, do they mean while flying or like… before and after as well?
  7. Exercises. Stretch your legs regularly and do some easy workouts to ensure blood flow while in the air. Invest in a pair of compression socks to minimize the swelling  and improve circulation. Oh, and I’ve been told that it’s always a good idea to go for a walk or run once you arrive at your destination. I’m one of those who get really grumpy while tired, and it’s not a good idea to tell grumpy Sol to move her ass, so I just let her stay in bed all day.

What’s your best tips to defeat jet lag?


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Sol Jensen

23 year old woman from Norway. Living the dream Down Under. The beach is my second home

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